The first studio album DESERT DIAMOND is deeply influenced by the city of Austin, Texas. It is a wild and diverse Mix of all musical fascettes that define DanaMaria as an artist. There are some tender and sensible country song as well as blues inspired uptempo pop songs - you'll find all of this tastefully combined on this album.

Just like some kind of a roadtrip movie that leads you through the musical process that the songwriter and artist went through the last couple of years.

And she's been working on it  with a bunch of different music producers and studios in Germany and in Texas as well. Furthermore guests like the German Folk-Duo "Romie" or the German guitarist Alex Auer, who played pedal steel, are featured on the album. You'll also find the banjo and a lot of slide guitars. Over all the album DESERT DIAMOND demonstrates how versatile and country music can be and how Dana's own version of it sounds like.


RELEASE 10/23/2020 | RecordJet