The Girl With The Guitar



She's following her musical vision with a sassy southern slang and the guitar in her hand: her own contemporary version of country.


Her songs are dealing with the struggles of life and identity, sometimes tenderly, sometimes a little ironically. Her clear voice and the fresh retro vibes in her songs take the listener inside her own world of country music. With inspiring lyrics she's trying to make people find the positive aspects of all the things happening in life. The music itself sounds more modern than traditional country with a strong influence of pop music.


Even though the young singer-songwriter lives in Frankfurt (Germany), her musical roots are located in the Live Music Capital Of The World - Austin, Texas. Having family there made her return to the Texan capital a lot of times. That's why she really dips into the local music scene for quite some time now, soaking up these creative vibes. She's also been working on her latest record - her debut album - there which is deeply influenced by the city's unique and wild spirit.

DESERT DIAMOND came out in late 2020 and is now available everywhere.