Written by DanaMaria

Produced by MVCO

Mix by Nils Enners - Northroad Recording Studio

Master by Gino Riccitelli - Silver Seat Studio



Now we get the news: "Y'all get the home blues!"

Don't know what to do, am I gonna loose my groove?

We start pulling out the blankets,

people are crazy on toilet paper.

We keep a cool head

and we're so damn ready for it.


Would you be my sundowner?

With a suntanned skin and ice cold beer.

There's something good in lockdown and

we're sipping' our drinks.

It's just you and me and the balcony kind of life

and what I love bout lockdown is just you being my sundowner.


Now we take it slow, there's nowhere we could go.

We got everything and a real nice ice machine.

Keep on dancing to the music

before watching our favorite movie

under the star light 

and the taco's just in time.




When you're stuck at home.

There's something good about to come.


Sundowner, heyy.

Sundowner, heyy.